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Back in 2001-2002 I did experiment with a share in a narrowboat. Unlike the sales pitch for such schemes, it felt much more like being an investor in someone else's hire boat than owning your own. On Easter Day 2004 I bought "Imagination", SeaHawk #267. Owning 100% of your own boat feels rather different.

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2004 Arrival of

The Purchase and initial tidy-up of Imagination - 2004

I refuse to bid in an eBay auction, but buy the boat afterwards when it goes unsold.

2004 Launch of Imagination

The Launch of Imagination - 2004

Trying to launch a boat for the first time causes problems. The second attempt goes OK!

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2006 Three Rivers Race

The Three Rivers Race - 2006

Brother Mike and I make an attempt on the Three Rivers Race - a 24 hour marathon.

2006 Waxham New Cut

A Cruise up Waxham New Cut - 2006

I manage to reach the head of navigation on this most northern tributary of the River Thurne.

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The Three Rivers Race - 2008

I find a fellow SeaHawk owner from Scotland to make my second attempt on the Three Rivers Race.

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Ian Ruston at the helm in Horning

The Three Rivers Race - 2009

For my third attempt at the race I finally find a Norfolk-based boat builder to act as crew.

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Greg Chapman sailing a
		Tideway 10

The Norfolk Tideway Dinghy Meet - 2010

I cruise to Barton Broad to meet Bryn Weightman, who back in the 1950s used to skipper a working Thames Sailing Barge, and try his Tideway Dinghy.

See also the separate Broads section which includes exploits in my father's SeaHawk during the 1970s.

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