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10 Aug 2011

I cannot recall why Just 17 was still in the paint shed more than a fortnight after my last visit. It seems that it took a good time to sand down the coat that had been spoiled with the dust generated by the other user of the shed and to apply a further coat, including the special sanded ones to provide grip in the cockpit and fore hatch.

Near the end

The masking has, at last, been removed from the windows and the windows have remained in place in spite of my earlier concerns.

Extra Panels

The cockpit lockers, fore hatch and both parts of the cabin door appear to be ready to leave the shed too!

But equally surprising is that it then took the best part of another week before ~I was able to bring Just 17 home.

Go to Top The Job is Done!

16 Aug 2011

It's Tuesday and in bright sun the new gloss finish means the camera shuts down the aperture and everything else seems dark. It takes a while to tweak the image so everything bar the boat looks reasonably bright.

In the open for the first time

Ready for home! Just 17 is hitched to my car and ready to depart the boat yard.

It's a very short journey, under a mile to reach home!

At Home

Now at home and outside my garage. My neighbours will have to tolerate Just 17 stationed here for the duration of the refit.

Now the exciting bit is ready to start. There'll be a new name, new rubbing strakes. My neighbour has offered to spray the windows frames to give a new look to the windows. There are decisions on the anti-slip panels to be made and material to source. This is the bit to which I've been looking forward since October last year!

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