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Found in eastern England, the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are a complex of shallow lakes, interconnected by around 200 miles of navigable rivers. They have been a playground for visitors with an interest in boating and wildlife for around two  centuries.

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Siesta 1 on North Walsham Broad

4-11 September 1965 - Holiday on the Norfolk Broads

It took a bit of persuading to get Mother to accept another boating holiday, after the cramped conditions and baking heat of the Llangollen cruise in 1963, so it was 1965 when we took to the water again on the Norfolk Broads.

1966 Broads Yacht Holiday 13-20 August 1966 - Holiday on the Norfolk Broads

My brother Mike, two school friends and I hire "Buzzard", the cheapest yacht in the Blakes catalogue.

On the River Wey with friends Last Holiday with Parents - 1967

The final holiday taken with my parents was aboard the Yacht "Spindrift 1", hired from the Eastwood Whelpton yard at Upton on the Norfolk Broads.

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1975 - Jemima, Father's Boat A Cruise with Tim Iliffe aboard "Jemima", Dad's SeaHawk - 1975

On retiring to Norfolk Dad bought a SeaHawk. which the family named "Jemima". He bought it to encourage frequent visits by his children. It worked for me! These are the photographs of a cruise taken with friend, Tim Iliffe, a colleague of mine when a youth worker in Northampton.

1976 - Jemima, Father's Boat A Cruise with Friends aboard "Jemima", Dad's SeaHawk - 1976

After a party at my brother's house, from Hertfordshire, friends Tony and Annette travelled in convoy to my parent's home to come cruising with me aboard Dad's SeaHawk.

See also the separate SeaHawk section which includes my more recent exploits in my own boat.

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2000 Aboard Walnut Mike's Fiftieth Birthday - 2000

Part of the celebrations for my brother's fiftieth birthday involved a trip aboard "Walnut", hired from Martham Boat Building and Development Company.

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Canoeing with Diana 5 June 2011 - Canoeing with Diana

Diana had talked of buying a canoe so it seems sensible to give the idea a try. So late on a fine Sunday morning when she was next in Norfolk we hire a canoe from the closest boatyard to us.

2011 Canoeing 24 July 2011 - Canoeing with My Brother

Mike and I take a Canoe from Wayford Bridge and explore the North Walsham and Dilham Canal, including the East Ruston Branch and get to Dilham to see Dad's old mooring.

Izy & Kevin Canoeing 30 October 2011 - The Plan Goes Wrong

It's October and Diana and I try to make arrangements to go canoeing with friends Izy and Kevin at Hickling, but it doesn't work out that way.

The Completed Jigsaw 11 April 2012 - Searching for the View in the Jigsaw

The tale of how Diana and I track down the location of the scene in a jigsaw that Hannah, Diana's daughter, gave to her Mum last year.

Summer Breeze Purchase 24 April 2012 - Ian's Purchase of Summer Breeze

Today I visit my friend Ian to see his newly purchased Pirate.

Supposedly, the reason for the invitation was to assist with a two minute job. I didn't really need an excuse!

Summer Breeze Launch 14 May 2012 - The Launch of Summer Breeze

I get an invitation to assist with the launch of Ian's Pirate at the boatyard just a mile from home and then go on the initial voyage to his mooring at Barton Broad.

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2020 Anniversary 13 September 2020 - Wedding Anniversary Trip

Diana and I celebrate her birthday and our anniversary on a dayboat hired from Maycraft at Potter Heigham. Note I say "celebrate" not "spend" as the trip was on the day after those two events.

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