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The following images all come from a cruise between Christleton and Llangollen on the Shropshire Union and Llangollen Canals taken in the summer of 1970.

If you think you can help me identify the location of any of these images please .

Photo #1

No Idea!

This is a near identical copy of a shot I took. It's the first on the roll after leaving home! The boat astern looks like some others in the Deans fleet from that period, which make it likely it was taken close to Christleton.

Probably the best clue for location will be examining the different buildings you can see in the two images between and behind the boats.

Photo #2

The Old Turn Island

Looks wide for the Llangollen, so I believe it will be somewhere on the Shropshire Union! The newly repaired quay heading must be a clue about the location?

Photo #3

No Idea

I've no clues about this location - beyond the fact it seems to be the taken a minute after Photo #4. I don't suppose a pretty sub- standard towpath helps much either.

Photo #4

No Idea!

Is this bridge identifiable? Was it one of our party clmbing on the bridge? Is it the same bridge as Photo #5

Photo #5

No Idea!

I believe this could be Hindford Bridge (#11) between Frankton Junction and Chirk or possibly the bridge in Photo #4 but from the other side? It could be the same bridge but taken days apart as we're travelling in the opposite direction!

Photo #6

No idea

All the photos of these bridges that I see these days show black steel frames. I must assume the structure been replaced on them since our holiday?

Photo #7

No Idea!

There should be a much better chance of identifying the bridge! Could it be the same bridge that I was pictured climbing all over in Picture #6? It has a similar tree behind it.

Photo #8

No Idea!

Graham asked - Are they still like this all the time!

Photo #9

No Idea!

Another with not too many clues about the location. :-(

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