Page published 20 December 2008

Greg at the helm of Seahawk #232

At the helm on Barton Broad

In 1972 my parents moved to Norfolk, in readiness for Dad's retirement. The following year, to encourage the children to visit as often as possible, a small GRP yacht was bought. This was a SeaHawk, built at Reedham and paid for in two stages in order to avoid the worst of the newly introduced VAT. The plan worked! I spent a great deal of time at week-ends on the boat, even more once I moved from a job in Northampton to Kings Lynn, also in Norfolk. This is where Liz, my future wife, and my paths crossed for the first time.

I soon had Liz on board, although almost the only photographic evidence is Liz slaving over its methylated spirit stove. Perhaps this is where I went wrong! (Liz refuses to allow the picture to be displayed here, even though it does show her with hair its original colour, not the colour it became after twenty five years of marriage to me!) However, Liz doesn't like water and liked sailing even less. As far as she was concerned, the boat kept healing over in a most unpredictable way, and there was nowhere to lie on deck and just soak up the sun.

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