Page updated: 9 September 2023

I'm Greg Chapman. This site contains my boating biography. Started in 2008, it had its last major update in October 2020, the first in a decade that, finally, made it "mobile-friendly"! Scroll below today's image to find out more about the site's content and how it is arranged.

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Cruising upstream along the waterfront at Ely, aboard Steve King's trip boat "Liberty Belle". Read more!

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You'll find the site records exploits from my childhood days on the River Wey, in Surrey, through to trips aboard the canoe Diana and I bought recently.

On the way you'll find reports of voyages aboard my SeaHawk, which I sold in 2018 after having her for 14 years. Just 17, was the first boat that I owned outright and was named Imagination when I bought her.

The latest section to be added is devoted to Our Safari which has been named Singing the Blues. She's a Hampton Safari that Diana and I bought in December 2022. It took till July 2023 to get her back to the Broads and a further two months before she was launched. She is now used for regular trips from a mooring at Coltishall.

I've also been boating on the Canals of England and Wales and the Norfolk Broads. The Other Boating section includes pages reporting my boating on the rivers and dykes of the Cambridgeshire Fens, an occasional coastal trip and even a paddle through the only Canal Tunnel in Germany. You can access all these reports from the main menu.

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